Bruce County Public Library’s Valentines for Seniors

February 2022 saw the province under public health restrictions, which led Bruce County Public Library staff at our Walkerton Branch to bring Valentine spirit to residents at different long-care homes nearby. The Walkerton Branch received an impressive 317 Valentines’ Cards, on top of many social media shares and comments, and local media coverage. 

Valentines for Seniors is extending to all Bruce County Public Library branches this year. You can stop into your Branch’s set program date and time to complete your Valentines there or pick up a take-home package to complete at your leisure and drop back off. 

You can visit the Online Calendar to find out when your Branch is hosting its Valentine’s for Seniors program. 

Walkerton Branch staff drew inspiration from their 2020 redeployment experience at Brucelea Haven and decided to make up packages of different craft materials to help Library patrons get creative for our local seniors, launching the first Valentines for Seniors. 

‘We were thrilled to extend this program to our Branches this year after the success we saw in 2022. The community is looking for ways to support and build each other up, and the Library has given them an outlet. We hope this is the start of an annual program that keeps having such a positive impact.” Says Bruce County Public Library’s Director, Brooke McLean. 

These Valentine’s will lift the residents’ spirits at multiple long-care homes in Bruce County. Bruce County Public Library appreciates the community’s creativity and support of this project.