February is for the Birds Online Teen Trivia Event


Wednesday February 17    
7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Event Type

More than just feathered flying friends, birds are part of our culture!

Click this link to join the game: https://www.crowd.live/EYUUI
How do I join the game?
1. Before the game begins, click on this link https://www.crowd.live/EYUUI to go to the game website.
2. On the Crowdpurr site you’ll see a notice that the game hasn’t started yet (if you joined late, you’ll see the current question).
3. Once the game starts questions will appear on your screen. Click your chosen answer. Faster answers earn more points. Wrong answers earn no points.
4. What do I need to participate?
A computer or mobile device with a browser and access to the internet.
5. Can I join late?
Yes, you’ll start at the current question.
6. Can I play individually or in a group?
Yes! You can play by yourself, or work with a group using a single device to come up with the answers.
7. Are there prizes?
No. This is for the fun of trivia and taking part in a community event.