The Magic of the Night Sky with David Chapman


Wednesday October 19    
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

David Chapman will be joining us on the BCPL YouTube page for a live presentation of The Magic of the Night Sky.

Ever wonder what the sky is doing above while you are sleeping? This program offers an indepth look at the night sky. Everything from beautiful northern lights and shooting stars, to the intense activity of thunderstorms — see not only incredible displays of lightning but also the developing structure and movement of the clouds above. Have you ever looked up at the moon and seen a ring around it and wondered what caused this to happen? This program will answer that question. Enjoy time lapses of shooting stars — watch dust and smoke from their impact as they move across the sky, well after the meteor has burned up in our atmosphere. See the only waterspout caught over Lake Erie at night. All this and more in one exciting presentation demonstrating the beauty and the Magic of the Night Sky.