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New Art Featured on The Wall at the Walkerton Branch

June 14th, 2018

June 11 – July 7 2018.

Featuring the works of Cindy Matthews.

This month’s theme is abstract photography. Each image uses line, colour, movement, and/or shape to convey a message without necessarily revealing the actual subject of the photograph. Often the image has been so manipulated that its original form or subject is unrecognizable. Exaggeration offers a unique perspective. A shape fading away or off to one side can provide a sense of motion while lightness and darkness (tonality) can offer the idea of depth.Cindy’s goal is to evoke emotion as well as a sense of wonder. What she chooses to include in a piece is as important as what is excluded. The final image is like a puzzle, each of its individual parts combining to create a whole. It thrills this artist when people ask, “What is that?” and “How did she do that?” and “Why does it make me feel this way?”







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