Bruce County Public Library Introduces Seed Libraries

Bruce County Public Library (BCPL) is excited to offer new Seed Libraries – one in every municipality in Bruce County! These seed libraries offer access to seeds free of charge to anyone interested in growing. By cultivating a collection of seeds locally adapted to the region these libraries can help preserve local Bruce County strains of plants and provide seeds that are more resilient to weather, soil nutrients, and local pests. This helps communities address food sustainability while building on the Library’s role as a community sharing place.

Seed Libraries can be found at the following BCPL Branches:

There will also be a hydroponic unit coming to the Teeswater Branch shortly. The hydroponic unit will grow herbs, which patrons may come in and snip or grab a pre-cut bunch from staff. This offers a unique way to try some fresh herbs in your recipes.

While working on this initiative, Program Coordinator Nancy Kuhl experienced outstanding community support. “Putting the seed libraries together has truly been a community connection project. The generosity of local businesses in donating funds and supplies, local youth building the boxes to house the seed packages, and local community members donating extra and unused seeds has brought the libraries from idea to reality,” said Kuhl. Support received consisted of a $3,000 donation from NWMO toward the new hydroponic unit, seeds, and materials. The Saugeen Shores Senior School’s grade 11 construction class made building the boxes to contain the seeds part of their curriculum for this term, building 37 boxes. There were also donations from Ontario-based seed companies Bruce Botanical Food Gardens, The Secret Garden, Ontario Seed Company, and contributions from BCPL patrons.

Seed Libraries are free to use with your BCPL card. Getting a card is easy, and there is no charge. You can visit your local Branch to register, or sign up online at Donating back to the Seed Library is not a requirement, but there are labelled envelopes for patrons to return harvested seeds. New to gardening? Bruce County Public Library carries a large selection of books and other resources to help get you started, as well as in person and online events to help patrons learn about planting and harvesting seeds.

Visit their website at: to find event dates and links to resources like the BCPL YouTube page, which contains many educational videos.