The New Catalogue

Visit to set up your new account and start your new borrowing experience.

When you log in to the catalogue for the first time, you will do so with your Library Card Number and PIN. Once logged in, you’ll also be prompted to create a username that works for YOU. This username will be visible to anyone who can see your account activity, but you can change it at any time. Once your account is set up, you can log in with either your library card number or username in the future!

  • You can provide an email address to use the Forgot Password feature. We will never send you unsolicited emails.
  • For more information about Privacy, your Borrowing History, and public activity, please see the What You Need To Know About Privacy section.
  • All of your account information, settings, current checkouts, holds, fines and more can be found in your Library Dashboard. It’s your one place to see everything you do with your account!

This catalogue has many great features that allow you to share what you’re reading, watching, and loving from the library. But before you get started, it’s important to understand what you’re sharing with everyone else and what is being kept private. Make sure you review your Privacy Settings as soon as you create your account.

Always Private:

  • Current checkouts, holds, and fines
  • Your PIN/password
  • Borrowing History *if you’ve enabled it*

Public Activity that can be made Private:

  • Your activity feed, which includes all comments, ratings, etc.
  • Any books that you add to your Completed, For Later, or In Progress shelves

Keep track of what you’ve read, watched, or listened to right in your library catalogue!
Don’t forget to review your privacy settings before getting started!

  • If you choose to enable it, Borrowing History will track the items you’ve borrowed and returned to the library. This information is always kept private, and staff will not see this information.
  • Add items to your shelves: For Later, In Progress, and Completed. You can choose to make this information public or private.

I had lists saved in Enterprise, but can’t see them now – where are

We are experiencing a temporary delay in moving lists over from the old catalogue. Please check for updates as to when this change over will be complete.

Is there a Catalogue App?
No, but the new catalogue site is responsive, which means it’s designed to be used on
any device. The existing Bruce County Public Library App will continue to be
available, and patrons won’t need to change how they use it.

How can patrons send feedback about the new catalogue?
Once you’re logged in, a “Share Feedback” button will be on the lower right-hand
corner of every page. Feedback will be checked regularly.